How to start a gold jewellery business?

Today we will talk about Gold Jewelery Business. 

How to start a gold jewellery business?
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If you want to do Gold Jewelery Business, read this article complete. In order to do any business, either an investor or a person's own money. If you have any of these two then you can trade gold ornaments.
To start Gold Jewelery Business, at least Rs. 10 lakh should be initially.

गोल्ड ज्वैलरी बिजनेस कैसे शुरू करेंॽ
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How will the gold jewelery business 
start in 10 lakh rupees?

Now you may be wondering how the gold jewelery business will start for 10 lakh rupees. Because if someone is married, then anyone buying a gold of 2 or 4 lakhs will buy it. So we will be able to fulfill the requirement of 2 or 3 customers from the stock of 10 lakh rupees.
So this is not so because any business is small. It is not necessary that if you have millions of rupees, you will be able to do the gold jewelery business. It is important that you start off as soon as you start business and 2 or 4 customers will come to buy marriage. And if you come then you can do their job.

You can make it by order or you can sell it from another shop. Keep a good track of catlogs, make designs of it, and make many choices. Keep photos in a mobile phone or even by making a photo from the Internet.
Along with this, you can also do business of getting gold ornaments for gold ornaments and also silver jewelry and kitchenware. Even silver prices are less than gold, then less work is done in the budget i.e. the jewel
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If the damage is done then it is just furniture but you can also sell it in price etc. But in other business, there is no money for goods and if it is sold then it is also difficult to get a buyer to escape.

That's why sleeping business is good, you should have the ability. Now you only have to rent a shop, the fare which does not exceed 15000 and the furniture of the shop which is up to 1 or 2 lakhs, do not make too much money.

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